Why RTi Eliminizer?

A range of dryers/filters (up to 150 cfm) to provide clean, water free air. Using inverse flow filtration (patented) this is a point of use dryer/filter that fills the void between ordinary filters and refrigerated dryers.

All units fitted with automatic drain valve and are available with or without a differential pressure indicator to monitor condition of element.

Available with polycarbonate bowl with guard or with metal bowl.

Pressure: 10 bar (max)
Temperature: Polycarbonate bowl +50 deg C (Metal bowl +65 deg C)
Pressure drop: < 1psi (@100 psi and recommend flow rate)
Filtration: 1 micron

ISO8573.1: particulate class 2 (see engineers data section for a breakdown of ISO8573.1 numbers)

When selecting an Eliminizer dryer/fitler choose a unit where the flow required is approximately 50% of the maximum in the table below.

With 30 years of experience, our products increase the efficiency and quality of the compressed air in hundreds of applications.

Here are a few reasons why our customers love RTi:

Patented Inverse- Flow Filter/Dryers

  • Cartridge-less water seperation
  • Superior water seperation
  • Depth filtration (air penetrates 4" of filter media versus ¹/⁸" of competitors)
  • Harsh application service (worst containments in air stream never reach the filter media)

Finer Filtration

  • 1 micron absolute vs 5-25 micron nominal
  • Coalescers (99.99998% at 0.01 micron
  • Desiccants (built in 1 micron final filter; top grade desiccant media with low dust emissions

Tool-less Element Change

  • Easy clamp ring retainer for bowl removal
  • Spin-on/Spin-off elements
  • Never need to remove unit from piping for service

Fast Delivery

  • Same day shipment with 90% of orders
  • Next day shipment with 99% of orders

Product Support

  • Sales manager
  • Factory technician support available each business day
  • Small enough to be flexible

Custom Engineered Products

  • Not limited to "standard" products
  • If you do not see what your customer needs, please ask us!