Bosch Rexroth MGE Aluminium Profile

The Bosch Rexroth MGE modular aluminium profile system (Basic Mechanic Elements) from Bosch Rexroth comprises flexible components for universal use in frames, fixtures, work tables, safety devices, protective fences and special purpose machinery. The product range consists of a number of aluminium profile extrusion sizes for varying strengths and applications

Also referred to as Bosch Extrusion, there is a large range of standardised aluminium profile struts. A broad spectrum of sturdy and quick release connections and multi, purpose accessories make MGE components an extremely flexible option. From simple manual tasks to motor-driven Cartesian axis systems, the modular linear guide programme offers a wide range of system solutions for every need. Due to its modular construction quick coupling joints and prefinished surfaces the system can offer considerable time savings over traditional prefabricated steel components. Utilising Bosch Rexroth 3D design software we can design and manufacture to your exact specifications. Our clients include major multinationals and blue chip manufacturing companies. Contact us for a no obligations quotation.

In today's workplace, ergonomics have become a very important economic consideration the use of badly designed seating and assembly stations leave the employer open to lawsuits. Today this industry is enjoying major growth in the UK and there are thousands of lawyers prepared to work on a no win, no fee basis for prospective victims. If your organisation has not implemented a risk assessment as far as current working practice and equipment is concerned now may be an appropriate time as tomorrow may be too late.

Our range of assembly equipment and workstations are designed using state of the art 3D cad software to be as ergonomically friendly as is practically possible. Tried and tested in real life situations throughout the world they represent a truly cost effective answer to providing a certifiable solution to implementing good working practice in your assembly area.

Bosch Rexroth offers you decades of experience and unbeatable flexibility when designing your assembly line – with the world's largest aluminum profile building system, which has been continuously developed over more than 30 years. The robust and corrosion-resistant Rexroth profiles allow you to realize components such as ergonomic work tables, flow racks, or protective fences within a short time and without having to spend great effort on planning.

You benefit from ...

  • a uniquely wide range of aluminium profile, connections, and accessories for all applications – even in Industry 4.0 environments
  • components that have been tested in test laboratories
  • short delivery times that are unbeatable worldwide
  • components with extensive technical data that meet the highest quality and sustainability requirements

We are currently working towards adding the MGE range to our EShop, in the meantime, more information can be seen on this extensive product range at the following link: Bosch Rexroth MGE - Assembly Technologies

Bosch Rexroth have a very useful configuration tool that can be downloaded.MTpro is a software for the planning and design of assembly technology systems which supports you in selection, configuration and ordering of products from Rexroth. MTpro can be downloaded here