541211881100 - Metal Work ONE ATEX Approved

Code: 541211881100

Air Accessories provides Metal Work ONE 541211881100 ATEX Approved parts and ONE for all air systems.

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In the world of pneumatics, which is considered mature, it is rare to encounter completely new and different products. ONE a compressed air treatment unit with a high degree of integration, that encompassed numerous pneumatic functions. In fact, it contains so many innovations that a single patent is not enough to safeguard it against imitation – three separate patent applications have been registered with a total of 39 claims. This unit is so innovative that it won the international novelty award at Fluidtrans Compomac.ONE has a single high-performance valve on the main flow that handles all the functions from regulation to relief. It is controlled by a high-precision pilot regulator with controlled relief, in series with the manual on-off valve, the electric valve and the progressive actuator. Unification of the valve has led to a significant reduction in overall dimensions, enhanced capacity, precision and response speed.

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